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Should I?

freakperzon on 17. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

Should I?
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  • maximoo 26.8.2010
  • Flamingdeath 26.1.2010
    If you're EMO,you're EMO.Nothing is wrong with that.Stay here.No one can make fun of you for dressing
  • VitorF 9.8.2009
    Yeah, please, come back!
  • beta 1.8.2009
    running idea is idea it self you know

    don't get it?

    just create another strip ,

    n you'll know
  • Maoriman 24.7.2009
    Come on dude. ACT II staring Emo and maoriman, let's get it on dude.
  • golem 24.7.2009
    the world of emo is like a never ending story (new ideas are allways poping up. sapiness 4ever!!!)
    so, you should not close the curtain
    what if that emo dude is an emoRanger? we must know that... open the curtaaaaaain
  • HellishArt 23.7.2009
    You should try the life I have. Do you know Down, man? Give them a try. You can start a quick search in youtube for Stone the Crow. Depressive music that I actually find somehow with hopeful.
    And the best source of ideas is going for a trip of three weeks somewhere with a good friend.
  • scvizer 21.7.2009
  • Benec12 17.7.2009
    no way! :)
  • Spunkn 17.7.2009
    No you shouldn't close the curtain. Strip ideas come and go, if nothing else just start making strips about dreams you had!
  • precel 17.7.2009
    awesome background :D

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