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Minus Ninja Strikes Again

dewfilms on 14. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

Minus Ninja Strikes Again
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  • abrotons 18.4.2013
    spamming my heart:
    I truely love Veronique
    did you know that?
  • Brezhoneg 7.2.2011
  • MadameCercle 14.7.2009
    Oui, oui ...
  • dewfilms 14.7.2009
    The person (or persons) that are taking the time to press the "-" button are not realizing that a vote is still a vote in my eyes. And I thank them either way for whichever button they press.

    It would be much worse if I received no votes or comments at all.
    Which is why I find the concept of 'pressing the minus' button humorous. Hence, why Minus Ninja was created.
  • precel 14.7.2009
    omg why minus you strips?! idiots!
  • Dorota 14.7.2009
    lack of the conversation - is making it impossible to explain.
  • dewfilms 14.7.2009
    I guess the REAL minus ninja that gave me two minuses does not understand how I find the concept of giving minuses funny.
  • dewfilms 14.7.2009
    The Minus Ninja REALLY did strike again...
    he gave this strip a minus!!!
  • wich 14.7.2009
    Wind ????????????????????????????????????
  • Spunkn 14.7.2009
    Well at least now you can sense him coming!
  • Raspotin 14.7.2009
    I really think that you should walk with a anti-minus-ninja-super-system, it would be useful.

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