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A look to the future for SG

dewfilms on 7. Jul, 2009 — Lang: English

A look to the future for SG
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  • kidz 26.6.2013
  • MadameCercle 8.7.2009
    ... Mais qui s'est fait remarquer, avec une merveilleuse Chihiro et quelques autres ?
  • MadameCercle 8.7.2009
    Oui, oui ...
  • Dorota 7.7.2009
    the third panel is hilarious ;D

    < okok >
  • Raspotin 7.7.2009
    Well, i guess ill have to reply this! :D
  • ASHA 7.7.2009
    e have made great strides : )))))))))
  • Macjavelin 7.7.2009
    LOL. That's pretty funny
  • wich 7.7.2009
  • Spunkn 7.7.2009
    Yeah, when I first started, there was no blog side, but it was fun to make silly little strips and email them to friends!
  • Spigaw 7.7.2009
    Muahahaha, love your expression in the last panel =D
    We can see a feather in this... well, "art". I remember the time when StripGenerator didn't even have the feature of saving our name when we were making strips!

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