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True Philo-sophy--Yellow Help!

Platowe on 24. Jun, 2009 — Lang: English

True Philo-sophy--Yellow Help!
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    I want yellow! (I could use blue--but clearly no matter what I do I ain't gonna get that!)

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  • Platowe 24.6.2009
    Thanks everyone! Seems I'm not alone. . .
  • Casostrano 24.6.2009
    Si è vero il giallo è mortooo :( bu buu
  • ASHA 24.6.2009
    1. Butta via il tuo Pc Dalla finestra, però stai attento che sotto non passa nessuno.
    2. Vai a comprare un iMac 24" 3,06GHz.
    3. Anche da me non funziona più il giallo. Il webmaster di SG ha cambiato qualche cosa.
    Buongiorno Platone : )))))))
  • unambihuo 24.6.2009
    Mmm... I quickly tried, No Yellow... at least with the usual directions :(

    I have seen that Qenene and MadameCercle have colored strips outside the SG… it is a way…
  • Spunkn 24.6.2009
    Well I'm out of suggestions.
  • VitorF 24.6.2009
    There's another one who can make yellow:
  • Sl9 24.6.2009
  • Sl9 24.6.2009
    Realy ?
    i'm going to see that ;)
  • Spunkn 24.6.2009
    I thought it only appeared as yellow after publish, that is what I recall from 2007. If I recall it correctly!
  • Phiman 24.6.2009
  • Sl9 24.6.2009
    Yeah, me not ;)
    And Asha cannot any more.
    In fact, just VitorF can now.
    This "yellow bug" would be just in his strips.

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