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Lab Rat

Spunkn on 20. Jun, 2009 — Lang: English

Lab Rat
  • Description

    When we found you, you were almost dead.
    Well at least with us you are well fed.
    We had to chain you down, because you tried to fight,
    But we'd already sold your eye and hands that very night.

    Have your morning coffee while checking out this

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  • dewfilms 21.6.2009
    sad :'(
  • ogto 21.6.2009
    congratulations to you as well :D
  • freakperzon 20.6.2009
    hello there, thanks for commenting on my new blog, lol.
    u've done nice arts there, i wonder how long did it take u to finish 1 strip considering they're very detailed.
    haha, a big thanks again!
  • terwallace 20.6.2009
    Actually, whatever that thing is, it looks like a pretty good minion itself!
  • Dorota 20.6.2009
    ............... - - //..........
    ...............( @ @ )..........

    I am frightened.
  • MadameCercle 20.6.2009
  • ogto 20.6.2009
    i'm curios to see how your art would evolve on canvas :P

    you've got a bloody nightmare before christmas thing going :)
  • ASHA 20.6.2009
  • Spunkn 20.6.2009
    Go to the "shapes" tab, and use what is available. I used one curved line, and then several small straight lines for the mouth, and red circle, and that strange shape for the eye. The closed eye is two of the curved lines, and for the stitching I utilize the cross hatch pattern, and make it very small.
  • Sl9 20.6.2009
    Chucky-Like ? =D
    Nice style !

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