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True Philo-sophy--No Choice!

Platowe on 11. Jun, 2009 — Lang: English

True Philo-sophy--No Choice!
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  • dewfilms 21.6.2009
    Good to see you again.
    And yes. Very sad, hard times.
  • Spunkn 13.6.2009
    Haha! Funny strip! The economy actually made me more in demand, so I've got no complaints!
  • Horatius 12.6.2009
    I agree, good to see you again
  • MadameCercle 11.6.2009
    Quand le strip est parfait, on n'a plus le choix.

    Il est à son plus haut degré d' "économie".
  • Dorota 11.6.2009
    (¸¸.•´*`•» we also missed
  • 35sheep 11.6.2009
    Good to have you back P! :-)
  • unambihuo 11.6.2009
    LOL !

    ...feeling quite the same about my duties right now... but Hey ! Once a philosopher said: "[...]sometimes... and sometimes not !"

    Welcome Platowe !

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