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How to make Yellow

VitorF on 29. May, 2009 — Lang: English

How to make Yellow
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    A little tutorial about how to get yellow...

    (doesn't work anymore)

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  • cilbie444 13.2.2014
    At least I have a theme pack
  • asfaltocaldo 22.12.2013
    geniale e creativo, come molte cose "scoperte" per caso qui in SG :)))
  • cilbie444 22.12.2013
    at first people had fun using yellow! but now you need to waste your money to get yellow! >:(
  • krzysztof 16.4.2012
  • tiger_zahuel 11.6.2009
    could you do a tuto on how to do gray?
    that seems to be my problem
  • tiger_zahuel 11.6.2009
    hum.. not sure i got it

    for the first phase, do i need to move the gray line a little (to the floor) before copying back or not?

    i assume yes other wise the gray line just stack on itself endlessly no? O_o
  • ASHA 29.5.2009
    My Love this is my tutorial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    grrrrrrrrrrrrrr !

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