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dewfilms on 28. May, 2007 — Lang: English

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  • Maoriman 2.9.2010
  • Zigmund 25.6.2007
    ... after your long absence, i'd think that you in fact seeked help from the comic above :D
  • Spigaw 16.6.2007
    Wow man are you dead?!
  • Dax 1.6.2007
    Yeah, do you have trouble getting "retrofitted" images to blend seamlessly with stripgenerator?
    Just curious.
  • Errol 30.5.2007
    There you are! :D
  • DarkPg77 30.5.2007
  • dewfilms 29.5.2007
    Yes. "What Really Happens When a Pen Doesn't Work" and "Detention" were both made on a Mac. All of my other comics were made on a PC.
  • Zigmund 29.5.2007
    so now i'm curious, were the previous comics made on a different computer as this one?
  • richoz 29.5.2007
    is this anon thing going to work?
  • tehpillar 28.5.2007
    everyone needs this help :)
  • dewfilms 28.5.2007
    Ah, good to know. Thanks for the info.
  • Zigmund 28.5.2007
    the answer about the font from previous comic is that the default is sat to TAHOMA and if you havent got it, the system picks the next best one, so there are really a lot of typefaces in SG, some antialiassed, some nott, some have certain red glows around them.. it depends on people's settings...

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