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Let's Party Like It's 1773!

RutherfordL on 16. Apr, 2009 — Lang: English

Let's Party Like It's 1773!
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    The utter foolishness of today's Tea Party protests simply abounds. A bunch of folks who, if they bothered to look at their paycheck this week, would have seen that they got a tax reduction are yelling and screaming about tax increases.

    These same folks whose roads and bridges are falling apart, are yelling and screaming about unnecessary stimulus.

    These same folks who were silent during the last eight years of the Bush administration now have their panties in a knot about a huge deficit.

    I'd call these "teabaggers" hypocrites but quite frankly I don't think most of them have the intelligence to deserve that label. When I looked at coverage of the Tea Parties today, it seemed that most of the folks assembled really just wanted to party, and not much more.

    Embarrassing for all concerned.

    Kudos to my wife who supplied the dialog for this strip in a tweet on Twitter today!

    tea party, taxes, Republicans, teabagging
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  • RutherfordL 8.5.2009
    You missed the point. I was not making a connection between taxes and the various amenities. I was stating that longing for the "good old days" ignores the progress we've made since then.

    But since you went there, what town do you live in such that your taxes don't pay for public utilities?

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