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dewfilms on 21. May, 2007 — Lang: English

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    *See the t-shirt topic in the forum*
    I was playing around with the idea of how 'Bunny' would look on a shirt. Among other characters.

    shirts, dog, dewfilms, dark, stripgenerator, bunny, black, white, amusement
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  • OliverStrip 22.5.2007
    I love it!
  • dewfilms 21.5.2007
    I feel bad though, I didn't know that draksman made a skeleton shirt on Sunday. I didn't look through the comics yesterday. Had errands to run.
  • richoz 21.5.2007
    the bunny shirt looks cool
  • dewfilms 21.5.2007
    Cool. Good to know. :D
  • Andraz 21.5.2007

    the first series of t shirts will be quite "normal". From there on, noone knows :)

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