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Desert Distress

dewfilms on 18. May, 2007 — Lang: English

Desert Distress
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  • abrotons 18.4.2013
    spamming my heart:
    I truely love Veronique
    did you know that?
  • dewfilms 15.12.2007
  • erisall 4.12.2007
    hahahhahahahah good
  • JacobDS 17.8.2007
  • Yosarian 21.5.2007
    Yes, yes yes. I hope he'll find wate cause this strip serial must go on!!!!!
  • millefeuilles 20.5.2007
    Miam miam
  • LGxoxo 20.5.2007
    XD Too funny!! I love it!
  • Errol 19.5.2007
    What you need is your significant other trying to get you and the children out of the house over to the inlaws.


    My poor wife, she's trying to get us all going, and I'm writing comic strips. Too much fun. You're on here a lot I see!
  • dewfilms 19.5.2007
    It varies.
    Some things take less than thirty minutes. Some an hour. Some a couple of hours. Depends on how nitpicky I get. The Bunny in the Dark strips with all of the multiple predator eyeballs took a lot longer than I thought it would. Desert Distress would have been a quick one if I didn't scrutinize the layered panels and if a rock looked somewhat out of place.
  • Errol 19.5.2007
    Oh BTW, dewfilms, your stuff rocks. I got a chance to look at all your stuff. Good grief, how long do some of those take you?
  • Zigmund 19.5.2007
  • 35sheep 19.5.2007
    HEY!!!! Where's bunny????
  • dewfilms 19.5.2007
    Ah, no worries Errol. Just glad you're here enjoying yourself.

    Thanks for the comments everyone!
  • Errol 19.5.2007
    Hi Dew! Thanks for all the help.

    And when I said "good content", I meant discovering it for myself in my own comics...sorry if that sounded arrogant. :)
  • richoz 19.5.2007
    this desert saga became addictive
    i'd love to see the next
  • MadameCercle 18.5.2007
    * * *
  • dewfilms 18.5.2007
    Take a look at my favorites and you'll see what I mean.
  • Errol 18.5.2007
    Can you explain the 'abstract' side of things to me? :)
  • dewfilms 18.5.2007
    Bunny is still around. He was here a few days ago. ;)
  • atry 18.5.2007
    ..great.."DESERT SAGA" become my favourite (after bunny ofcourse :) ) ... +

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