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The Santelli Philosophy at Work

RutherfordL on 9. Mar, 2009 — Lang: English

The Santelli Philosophy at Work
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    When I hear folks whine about the rich losing a small portion of their charitable gift tax deduction, I'm reminded of CNBC's Rick Santelli's selfish rant about the winners having to help bail out the losers.

    Is charity dead in this country now?

    politics, Rick Santelli, Barack Obama
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  • RutherfordL 10.3.2009
    Tex, welcome to the strip. Within the limits of this strip's topic who is getting robbed? My whole point is that the charitable tax deduction is an outright gift from the government and in no way a deserved one.

    Quite frankly, in tough times like these I'd cut the deduction to zero and tell people to start giving for the right reasons ... i.e. charity.

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