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Cactus Crossing

dewfilms on 15. May, 2007 — Lang: English

Cactus Crossing
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  • abrotons 18.4.2013
    spamming my heart:
    I truely love Veronique
    did you know that?
  • JacobDS 17.8.2007
  • rambut 21.5.2007
    huaeheae love it!
  • Jeronimus 18.5.2007
    I still find it odd to believe I escaped the addiction of bricked films.
  • dewfilms 18.5.2007
    About as addictive as filming, eh? ;)
  • Errol 18.5.2007
    Hi DEW!!

    I'm having so much fun on here. :D
  • ocknarf 18.5.2007
    I like your posts. Most of the others I've seen around Stripgenerator are no good.
  • Jeronimus 18.5.2007
    Coincidentially, I find dewfilms on the stripgenerator website.

    Oh yes, nice comic too.
  • hansolo 17.5.2007
    Great strip and great idea!!!
  • Zigmund 16.5.2007
    i like
  • dewfilms 16.5.2007
    Oh, I thought you were speaking of 'graphical' in the artistic sense.
    You know I like to push the boundaries. ;)
  • Andraz 16.5.2007
    You cant, you have done the maximum that can be done with Stripgenerator!
  • tuc0 16.5.2007
    good idea with the embedded panels... I think I'll steal that some time :D
  • dewfilms 15.5.2007
    How can I improve on the 'graphical' concept, Andraz?
  • Andraz 15.5.2007
    me likes... not as graphical, but has a great fun factor :)
  • millefeuilles 15.5.2007
    I like it!
  • eriktherandom 15.5.2007
    Hahaha! Very odd!
  • richoz 15.5.2007
    very descriptive sign
  • demonio 15.5.2007
    The designer who is in me says me “votes votes”. :))))

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