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On the tenth day of Christmas...

DeaconBarry on 28. Dec, 2008 — Lang: English

On the tenth day of Christmas...
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  • MadameCercle 8.1.2009
    — ... et ça, c'est très drôle !
  • unambihuo 30.12.2008
    Uh ! Tight costumes !
  • Marle 29.12.2008
    Ahahah! Congrats on bribed and thanks for including me in your series! :))
  • wich 29.12.2008
    Clowns are sad,
    man on harley is bad!
    Marle will happy,
    Asha isn't at comic not lady!

    My poem about new comic!
  • Platowe 29.12.2008
    BRIBED!!!!!!!! And deservedly--great series!!!
  • Platowe 28.12.2008
    Bat-Asha!!! And I did ride a motorcycle many years ago. . . .love it!!!
  • Murphy 28.12.2008
    Hilarious. I swear it might be next Christmas before this is finished but it is worth it.
  • Dorota 28.12.2008
    great you did the Joker :DDD
    super series <okok>
  • wich 28.12.2008
    And uncle Fich,Foe,Joe and me are back Wich's and Joe's home!:)
  • Spigaw 28.12.2008
    Uhahahahaha!!!! Nice series!!
  • ASHA 28.12.2008
    Nice Deacon tutta la serie : )))
  • wich 28.12.2008
    ASHA is Bat-man,
    Joe isn't gentleman!
    Asha haven't crown,
    in picture are much clown.......s!
  • Raspotin 28.12.2008
    Hahahaha! Greeeeeat one!
  • wich 28.12.2008
    ha ha ha good!!!
    Good favour for Marle!:D
    And Joe is bandit!!!
    YEAH good comic!!!!

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