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SG Christmas Party

Murphy on 4. Dec, 2008 — Lang: English

SG Christmas Party
  • Description

    Murphy throws a Christmas party for all of his SG neighbors and realizes what he is missing...

    PS: Dorota, I am sorry you are having a bad hair day.

    ASHA, Dorota, Platowe, Madame Cercle, 35sheep, Murphy, holidays, Christmas
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  • Platowe 11.12.2008
    Whoa I missed the party!! I like Asha's doll though!! Thanks and Merry Christmas Murphy!!
  • Murphy 6.12.2008
    Merry Christmas, Ms. Circle!
  • MadameCercle 6.12.2008
    Thx & Merry Christmas !!
  • Murphy 6.12.2008
    Thank you,Asha!
  • ASHA 5.12.2008
    Nice : ))
  • Murphy 4.12.2008
    Dorota---> I will practice that. Heh.
  • Dorota 4.12.2008
    Sorry about that, I couldn't resist. xD
  • Dorota 4.12.2008
    ahahahahaha ha ha ;D
    next time make them from two flames.

    Christmas Carols ;D

    Party time, party time,
    party all the times.
    Oh, what fun is on that day ,
    with friends to play in house.(hey!)

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