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The 80's - Meet Chip

zenmasterdod on 20. Nov, 2008 — Lang: English

The 80's - Meet Chip
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    *NOTE: All the dialogue is from actual claims Chip made. I can still hear them in my head.

    The Tesla claim I can still hear as he showed off his backstage pass to a DLR concert...that he most likely found on the ground. He could never prove anything, so if he actually did something like get free money from the school (which he also claimed), it would be passed off as untrue. Imagine our surprise if we found out he won a Grammy for co-writing a song with Tesla in a suit bought for him by the Mafia while on the arm of Racquel Welch.

    Chip was a former roommate of mine who bounced through life with a ready smile and those crazy stories. He was the target of another former roommate, Mike, who really wanted to hang out with the "cool guys" of the floor that year, and he didn't consider Chip one of them. Mike eventually moved out, a little more insane, and fell in with the "country club" crowd. Chip kept on keepin' on. After I moved into another room, where I'd meet Keith and Dennis (and where The Steves and Dan would live), Chip got a roommate that truly earned some ridicule: The "Top Gun Guy."

    Next strip might be about him...

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