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Love is a Battlefield Part 2

robinson on 26. Sep, 2008 — Lang: English

Love is a Battlefield Part 2
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    (text provided for the benefit of non-english speaking friends)

    Love is a Battlefield Part 2

    Well? You can't simply say a word means something else.

    Hey! Wait a minute. She said I was SWEET! Not cute.

    It doesn't matter. The point is, she paid attention to you! And NOT MEEEE!

    I'm not getting paid enough for this ..

    So, it's pistols at dawn then.

    Oh great. I think we all know how this is going to end.

    Bill, Fred, love, hate, pistols, dawn patrol
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  • robinson 26.9.2008
    Hi Dorota!

    Enjoying your recent strips.
  • Dorota 26.9.2008
    Hello Robinson :)))

    This time I won't be guessing how it will end. Probably differently than I think xD


    This word which everyone immediately understands is rightest.
  • Horatius 26.9.2008
    Is it pistols in anuses?

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