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The Drug

Raspotin on 3. Sep, 2008 — Lang: English

The Drug
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    1) Apple-Men King: I suck!
    Raspotin rules!
    Liberty for the Apple-men? No! Death for them!
    I was wondering... I suck more or less than that hobo there? Hm... MORE! YEA! HAHAHAHA! Raspotin is really the best!

    2) Bananaman: You were drugged by Raspotin, to make your people go on panic and then we attack "ur" reign! And im not a hobo!

    Apple-Men King: This is all your fault! I will follow you and your family till I have what I want!!!

    Bananaman: And what is it?

    Apple-Men King: More of this drug!

    *Down there* (The Ipod means you arent a hobo, or that you stealed it)

    Raspotin, Ipod, Banana-Men, Apple-Men, Frederico
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  • Razgriz 9.9.2008
    dude how did i put color to the creations


    cool creation o.0 ccol

    xD bye dude
  • Platowe 5.9.2008
    Love the AMK!
  • ASHA 4.9.2008
    Ben tornato : )))
  • Similau 3.9.2008
    This guy is very very drugged

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