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COOL, STRIP!!!!! ... Ha ,ha,ha you said strip.

Matzuo on 4. Aug, 2008 — Lang: English

COOL, STRIP!!!!!   ... Ha ,ha,ha you said strip.
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    Things to do to score with chicks: (?)
    - Junk food
    -Fruity Whips
    -Heavy metal

    Today I rest of everything i got to do, so I watched again some of my old VHS ...Oh god hahaha, I really love this show.

    fun, tv
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  • MadameCercle 7.8.2008
    Other B&B ...
  • Platowe 5.8.2008
    Great to be Bribed with you today!
  • dodgeviper 5.8.2008
    wow, seen your strip blog, its really amazing what you can do with some basic tools, keep up doing the great work, dodgeviper
  • Raspotin 4.8.2008
    Go go B&B!
  • Platowe 4.8.2008
    Haha!! Great B&B!!! :-D
  • SandRunneR 4.8.2008
    You get grey from some images... Try looking in Beings. There's one gray guy there. By the way I like this STRIP... Ups I said strip... :)
  • tonyjames 4.8.2008
    cool strip
    how do you get
    the other colors
    like gray

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