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Tonight I'm gonna rock you (tonight)

gutterstargazer on 26. Apr, 2007 — Lang: English

Tonight I'm gonna rock you (tonight)
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    This did indeed happen. My boyfriend gravitates toward punk and indie. I was raised on classic rock and got into metal in college. Oddly enough, we bonded over a band called The Darkness and rocked the hell out at a Wolfmother concert together. Anyway, he decided that he was going to impress me by playing "Jessica" by The Allman Brothers.

    I should have warned him. I really should have. I'm a bad girlfriend. ;)

    The setting for the first and second panels is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, where I do volunteer work. They really have rearranged one of the main display areas, and it looks fantastic. If you get a chance to check it out, I'd highly recommend going. And it's the only museum I know of where you're encouraged to sing, dance and bang your head. But you're still not allowed to touch anything.

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  • dewfilms 17.5.2007
    Really enjoyed your comics. Haven't seen you around in a while. Hope all is well. :)

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