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More bad news

robinson on 9. Jul, 2008 — Lang: English

More bad news
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    More bad news

    Tech dude: We apologize for the server downtime yesterday. We received too many hits.

    robinson: (smiles)

    Tech dude: Somebody linked a strip to a hundred forums, as well as Digg. Slashdot, StumbleUpon and Reddit. It created a denial of service effect.

    robinson: (stops smiling)

    Tech dude: Once we determine the idiot who did this, the account will be banned.

    robinson: (looks very unhappy, slinks away)

    conspiracy, jref, robinson, downtime, bad news
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  • robinson 10.7.2008
    The stripgen server?
  • Dorota 9.7.2008
    My pal yesterday in 5 minutes damaged the main server.
    - Is he a hacker?
    - No, idiot!

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