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And so it begins ...

robinson on 6. Jul, 2008 — Lang: English

And so it begins ...
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    And so it Begins ...

    911 was an Inside job??

    Damn it robinson. Look what you did to poor Bill. Teh Internets are evil.

    New World Order!

    You should know better. You bastard. Look at him! Poor little Bill.

    Global Conspiracy! the JOOS!

    You just know his little head is going to explode.

    heh heh

    jref, 911, conspiracy, evil bastard, Fred, Bill, robinson
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  • robinson 6.7.2008
    A tribute. And, it is on teh Internets, so it must be free!
  • Horatius 6.7.2008
    I should nail you for copyright infringement on panel 2!

    If only I wasn't so flattered ;-)

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