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Fart meat the informant

Steech on 23. Apr, 2007 — Lang: English

Fart meat the informant
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    A little fun with words here.

    Funny, meat, fart, secret agent
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  • abrotons 14.4.2013
  • Wmiguel 19.7.2010
    thumbs up for meat.
  • Highliner 23.4.2007
    I'll give you back a point steetch, I lol at the meet meat thing.
  • Steech 23.4.2007
    yes, meet and meat sounds alike.. the only sad part is they don't have the same past time (since meet is an irregular verb)
  • 9sam1 23.4.2007
    "oh i meat him" doesn't really make sense.

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