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circus at night

Dorota on 25. Jun, 2008 — Lang: English

circus at night
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  • Deffkopta 27.6.2008
    Kickass. Double bribed. Gratz on that. ++
  • robinson 26.6.2008
    Kocham twój umysł.

    (I love your mind)
  • genmaes 26.6.2008
    great, fantastico, magnifico, Ö_Ö brutal, chulisimo, bello, amathing. +
  • visiteur 26.6.2008
    I agree with all....
  • HugoP 26.6.2008
    Wow indeed!!

  • Strunnik 26.6.2008
  • chris71 26.6.2008
    Dorota, you are the BEST, but I mean the very very BEST! I'm without words :-o I Love-it!!!
  • josemiguel 26.6.2008
    I have no words. For me, this is your best work. It strongly reminds me of a great irish painter, Jack B Yeats, do you know him? Many of his paintings are exhibited at the National Gallery of Ireland (Dublin). While he didn't use skeletal horses nor death characters, he loved the circus theme. When I saw your strip, Yeat's painting "Double Jockey Act" (1916) immediately came to my mind. I love the circus theme, I love Yeat's paintings, and I love your strip! Congratulations Dorota!!! :)
  • starchildkiss 26.6.2008
    u so buzy....hahahahaha...envy from brazil....hahaha
  • Platowe 26.6.2008
    WHAT a great strip!! Mastery!!! And bribed!!
  • Martita 26.6.2008
    i love it +
  • MadameCercle 25.6.2008
    * * *
  • Raspotin 25.6.2008
    MY GOD!! FU***** AWESOME!!
  • carse81 25.6.2008
  • 35sheep 25.6.2008
    Excellent Dorota!!!
  • REtytania 25.6.2008
    OMG!!! FANTASTICO, very, very, very FANTASTICO!!!
  • komikus 25.6.2008
    Sold out! Mother in Law booked all tickets for herself.
  • ASHA 25.6.2008
    Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr FANTASTICO !!!!

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