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genmaes on 25. Jun, 2008 — Lang: Espanol

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    1. In the end you have had bravery to come.

    2. I said to you that I am not a coward.

    3. It is time to make the world to know that we love each other!

    :P If you spected a fight sorry, Summer is time for love ;)

    love, confrontation.
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  • SandRunneR 4.8.2008
    Time for love... :)
  • qenene 25.6.2008
    Qué valientes!
  • Raspotin 25.6.2008
    Love... Yea...
    But where are the fight that you promised?
    (Damn, u dont promised it!)
    And other thing... Bad scientists should not like men! Should like machines! Or machine mans! Orr maybe cows?
    Ok, nice strip! +

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