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metalozaru on 20. Apr, 2007 — Lang: English

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    Well cant see yesterdays strips so maybe one day I redo them but its kinda sad, I hope they fix it so they can wach A little World adventures

    humor, Videogames, Wow, rol
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  • abrotons 17.4.2013
  • abrotons 17.4.2013
  • Heinrich 11.1.2012
    snif snif, cry cry :( I feel you, I lost all my strips from before April 2007 :(
    and I really really really miss them ... really.
  • metalozaru 20.4.2007
    Well I think its cause it takes time to charge all strips when you make a new one .. dont know how but I can see Now all my strips
  • Andraz 20.4.2007
    Still looking into the problem.... I can see all of your stuff.
  • metalozaru 20.4.2007
    My bad I can see my strips if I´m not logged ¿LOL? well at least you can see the before ones

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