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Facing the reality

Andraz on 20. Apr, 2007 — Lang: English

Facing the reality
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    Yeah, this is new 1.0.2 version with quite a lot of changes. Our team worked a lot on this, all in pretty much its free time, since we have to make a living out of servicing clients, mostly advertising agencies. So, be gentle when commenting!

    You can expect some minor fixes in next days and in a month or 2 a next update 1.0.3 with some additional features. After that 1.1 version is coming with quite possibly power user statues and donations. Yeah, we need bread and water. Not kidding :).

    Version, sux, team, stripgenerator
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  • DerkBoy 19.5.2013
    :D yes... but better.
  • abrotons 17.4.2013
  • abrotons 17.4.2013
  • abrotons 11.4.2013
    wowo the beginning!
  • paco_de_pinda 26.1.2013
    The old strips were in flash?? That means you could edit them in those days. But that function wasn't available in that time.
  • Soulguy 23.11.2012
  • Floxo 23.11.2012
  • Heinrich 11.1.2012
    I'm wondering what the 2012 version will hold in store for us.
  • ChineseChamp 28.12.2011
    I really enjoyed this comic. It shows what happens in the real world that some people don't notice
  • Soulguy 2.12.2011
  • gbear 6.6.2010
    lol lol lol that was true
  • LGxoxo 3.6.2007
    Awww...that's so sad! T__T
  • demonio 3.5.2007
  • david 20.4.2007
    you forgot to mention a couple of things ... new strips are now exported as bitmaps, so you are free to share them around as much as you want ... secondly, all previously created ones are still in flash, we will convert them to bitmaps as soon as possible ... as for version 1.1, a huge improvement will be presented, focusing on several things ... so, enough said until then :)

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