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dewfilms on 8. Jun, 2008 — Lang: English

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  • ASHA 8.6.2008
    Yes I am sarcastic Andraz because from days I make strip on this topic but you have not never answered. Not aspect that Zigmund answers to me I know, it very well that it does not love to me, but waited for an answer from you because you are a kind person
    Ciao !!!!
  • Andraz 8.6.2008
    and unfortunately, we will be a few weeks late with that :)
  • Andraz 8.6.2008
    asha, do I smell something sarcastic in your voice?

    Noone said anything about gifts, just changing some stuff re alpha stages. And yes, updates are coming, but they are not gifts per say.
  • ASHA 8.6.2008
  • Zigmund 8.6.2008
    aha, there will be some new stuff but nothing spectacular, i think mostly usability issues
  • Dorota 8.6.2008
    brawo Dewfilms ! :D
  • komikus 8.6.2008
    dewfilms no need to kill 7 'Terminators' to put blue on her train.
    [quote]# re: BLUE | Andraz | 16.05.2008 09:36
    new update is coming in first weeks of june. Some alpha changes too.
  • Zigmund 8.6.2008
    excuse me, what and when did we promise :)
  • Andraz 8.6.2008
    what gifts?
  • millefeuilles 8.6.2008
    Very very very impressive.....
  • 35sheep 8.6.2008
    WOAH - don't mess with Dew!!! ;-)
  • gremar 8.6.2008

    .... and people who are brave :-)
  • oyrus 8.6.2008
    yeah, where is it?
  • Raspotin 8.6.2008
    THAT'S what we need!! People that are active!!

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