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Fools rush in

robinson on 15. Apr, 2008 — Lang: English

Fools rush in
  • Description

    Fools rush in

    Bill purchased a Babelfish. It goes in the ear, and attaches to the brain.
    The problem is, it mangles the translation.
    So while he thinks he is saying, oh something like:
    Bill: I would like to dance with you. (Chciałbym tańczyć z tobą.)
    It actually says, "I want to wear your pants, it's true."

    Bill, babelfish
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  • robinson 16.4.2008
    Yes. Truth. Slang especially, does not translate well at all. This has inspired an entire new line of comic strips.

    And understanding of many other things.
  • Dorota 16.4.2008
    It is a truth, translators online are doing (unfortunately) mistakes
    and it is sometimes necessary to think how it should be really.
    The bad translation is sometimes a reason of misunderstandings.

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