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What a fool believes

robinson on 15. Apr, 2008 — Lang: English

What a fool believes
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    What a fool believes

    Bill: I just found out why Dorota rejected my love.
    Fred: She saw your picture?
    Bill: Haha. No, she is from a distant land, and my poetic musings were misunderstood.
    Fred: Uh, sure Bill, sure. That must be it.
    Bill: I'm learning French, so we can be together.
    Fred: Je prie Dieu, non. Non ! Non! (he begs God, in bad French, to not let this happen)

    bill, fred, dorota, french
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  • robinson 15.4.2008
    I think there will be trouble. Big trouble.
  • Dorota 15.4.2008
    what do you think about the friendship? :DDDD
    By the way, I am from Poland.

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