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Meeting Your Maker

EdWilder on 30. Sep, 2020 — Lang: English

Meeting Your Maker
  • Description

    What argument would you make to save Strip Generator?

    This strip is a reply to At Home



    GODFREY DANIELS! If StripGenerator goes away, that means that I go away!! I must consult my top scientists at once!


    Meeting Your Maker

    Well, I'm either going to save StripGenerator from certain destruction or else be relegated to the footnotes of digital history...

    Well...What can be done to save StripGenerator? Is the extinction of this once proud site inevitable?


    As you will recall, Ed Wilder traversed the dimensions to argue against the destruction of StripGenerator come December 31st, 2020...

    As you can see, stockholders, it's time to cut StripGenerator loose!

    Can you give me one good reason, one redeeming factor, which would compel me to save StripGenerator?

    Yes, may I help you?

    Excuse me, are you Andraz?

    I'm Ed Wilder and I've come to plead with you to save StripGenerator before December 31st, 2020

    Well, there's a guy who does some chicken cartoons that's pretty good...

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