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The Inner Sanctum

EdWilder on 29. Sep, 2020 — Lang: English

The Inner Sanctum
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    GODFREY DANIELS! If StripGenerator goes away, that means that I go away!! I must consult my top scientists at once!


    The Inner

    Well, I'm either going to save StripGenerator from certain destruction or else be relegated to the footnotes of digital history...

    Well...Will Wilder arrive in time to convince the StripGenerator Creators and stockholders of their mad folly to let StripGenerator die along side of FARMVILLE and other applications which exist because of Adobe Flash or will he save the day and borrow a dime to arrive home safely? Answers to come in our next exciting episode!

    As you can see, stockholders, it's time to cut StripGenerator loose!

    I hate even looking at it anymore...It's an embarrassment!
    What say you, Andraz?

    I feel sorry for not investing more into this great community. Unfortunately we need to run a business, we need to pay salaries and stuff. And we were not able to do that with stripgenerator.


    Meanwhile in the inner sanctum of StripGenerator's European Corporate Offices...

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