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The Ten Cent Solution

EdWilder on 29. Sep, 2020 — Lang: English

The Ten Cent Solution
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    You could cut that tension with a knife!
    Stay tuned, folks!

    This strip is a reply to Wilder's Super Secret Scientists



    Well...Will Wilder come up with the cash to traverse the dimensions to present his case to the creators of StripGenerator, or will we all be destined to become digital debris? More answers to come in our next episode!

    GODFREY DANIELS! If StripGenerator goes away, that means that I go away!! I must consult my top scientists at once!


    The Ten Cent Solution


    Okay, now that all of the scientsts with vacation time have gone on holiday, you're the only scientist left.

    No kidding, I need your absolute BEST IDEA!
    Don't forget to give me the downside.

    I have a cross-interdimensional ship that will allow you to reach the creators of StripGenerator where you can make your case for our very survival.

    It costs a dime to operate...

    I'm a little short at the moment.

    I'll say...

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