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We Came, We Saw...

Pen_alias on 28. Sep, 2020 — Lang: English

We Came, We Saw...
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    That’s a totally new and original extraterrestrial character and not just an enlarged version of my fly. What kind of a slouch do you take me for?



    Greetings Earthling. We have come to conquer you.

    All that you have shall belong to we: your food, your resources, your technology, your recipes, your base are - that’s a real thing right?

    We have the superior weapons; resistance is useless! Notice we didn’t say futile. We don’t want to rip off the Cyber men like those silly Borg did.

    I have a question: where are the rest of you?

    We don’t understand.

    Well you keep saying we; I assume that means there are others.

    We are but a single entity. We are one; we are one!

    Are you saying you have multiple personalities all housed in one body?

    No, of course not; it’s just we: we, we-self and we.

    I don’t think you quite grasp the proper use of we.

    What’s wrong with we? It sounds right to we.

    You mean “it sounds right to ME”.

    Oh - so when there is but one entity you turn your double u-s upside down.

    It’s a little more complicated than that. I can see I’m going to have to give you a thorough lesson in the proper use of pronouns.

    Will it take long? Me need to get around to taking over the Earth.

    nothing of importance
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  • Quag54 17.10.2020
    Very appropriate. We came. We saw. We all left. :(
  • MrTerrorKiller 8.10.2020
    Long and beautiful Pen.
  • Alexpcoffey 6.10.2020
    That kind of stalling will give you enough time to alert the others of the alien(s).
  • Fizzle 5.10.2020
  • Pen_alias 2.10.2020
    We had a good run.
  • Quag54 2.10.2020
    I've enjoyed seeing and reading your strips these past years. Sorry to hear there will be no more.
  • Quag54 2.10.2020
    The earth, you can have it !
  • richard_burkhart 2.10.2020
    I was going to steal Pens Fly for my strips....oh, well.

    edited by owner

  • EdWilder 2.10.2020
  • stihl 30.9.2020
    because explaining the use of pronouns is the first thing to do when aliens try to invade :D
    please lower your weapons lets talk about grammar and stuff hahaha
  • cirkuz 30.9.2020
    don't we have a state dpt. that can take care of him?
  • NeoChomik 28.9.2020
    It got spirit
  • MadameCercle 28.9.2020
    — Inutile, s'il vous plaît, d'alourdir l'esprit de Notre Seigneur Entité avec une futile histoire de pronom, il a encore la terre à conquérir, et ça, c'est déjà assez pénible.

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