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Dr Who

stihl on 17. Sep, 2020 — Lang: Hrvatski

Dr Who
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    Where are we going Dr. ?

    Get in,
    No time to explain

    Just travel back to when you had time to explain

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  • MadameCercle 18.9.2020
    Un moment qui ne peut exister.
  • Quag54 18.9.2020
    Explain what ?
    I already told you.

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  • stihl 17.9.2020
    But you can have time to explain why you dont have time to explain if you go to the past where you got time to explain
  • NeoChomik 17.9.2020
    I don't have time to explain why i don't have time to explain
  • richard_burkhart 17.9.2020
  • stihl 17.9.2020
    i said: g-e-t i-n !!

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