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It was an honor to share time with you

stihl on 4. Oct, 2020 — Lang: No text

It was an honor to share time with you
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  • stihl 22.10.2020
    @opeluna1 i made about 700 screenshots in the last 5 days haha
  • opeluna1 17.10.2020
    It says: type the letters in the image above
    But there’s nothing above!
    So will take screenshots of what I think is worth to keep
  • EdWilder 16.10.2020
    @opeluna1: According to richard_burkhart,

    "Click to print but save as pdf instead."
  • opeluna1 16.10.2020
    So why it’s being so hard to download our precious content?
  • mau 16.10.2020
    so stripgenerator wrote us saying that it will shut down on Dec 1, *giving you hopefully enough time to download your precious content.*.
    But am I wrong, or there is no official way to do it as a batch? (I have a couple of dirty shell script)
  • mau 12.10.2020
  • richard_burkhart 11.10.2020
    Same here
  • dibunt 11.10.2020
    I just wish this is not a sunset but dawn
  • Elgar 10.10.2020
    When one door closes, another opens :)
  • Alexpcoffey 9.10.2020
    Good, make sure you hold onto them!
  • stihl 9.10.2020
    I have already saved all my and some other strips
  • Quag54 8.10.2020
    Thanks for the info
  • Alexpcoffey 8.10.2020
    By the time we get to 2021, the website itself will shut down because it's too connected to Flash. Every webpage of it will display the "You need to have Flash" message, including yours. If it turns out that it never shows, I recommend you save a copy of that and show us on March 1st, 2021 just in case.
  • stihl 8.10.2020
    @alexpcoffey it might because it is already made and published, just not released for public
  • 35sheep 7.10.2020
    Me too. It's been a blast.
  • Alexpcoffey 7.10.2020
    SG's gonna die in March 2021 :P
    Unless the same kind of magic that did this defies the death of Flash.

    StripGenerator as a website is too interconnected with Flash, and it will not actually work with Flash, meaning the website as a whole dies by 2021.

    tl;dr That strip will never see the light of day @stihl
  • stihl 7.10.2020
    There is one more strip that i made
    It will be released on 1st of march 2021 (01.03.2021)
  • stihl 7.10.2020
    Haha, when did this apear ?
    Im happy that you can see it
  • Alexpcoffey 7.10.2020
    Indeed he did. I presume he would've published it around December had it not been for the October collapse.
  • qenene 7.10.2020
    So you had a strip up your sleeve!

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