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A Very Special Day

Alexpcoffey on 1. Aug, 2020 — Lang: No text

A Very Special Day
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    I promised I would make a birthday strip on my birthday. But today isn't my actual birthday. It was July 30th. I'm sorry to keep you all waiting.

    For your information:

    1. From being out of the strip making business for some time, I mostly lost my confidence to make quality strips. However, I think experimentation with fire + smoke will make up for it.

    2. Sorry for not making a strip on my actual birthday. I was going to, but the birthday celebrations were crazy, and a bit much. After I was done celebrating, which took some time, I finally got to making the strip you see here.

    3. The smoke came out excellent and far exceeds anything else in the picture. I might experiment more with it soon.

    4. I was going to do something like a cake, but time contraints and my own confidence limited me to just a singular candle. Even it looks meh by my standards. At least the fire and smoke saved it in the end. That last sentence is definitely a sentence that isn't said a lot.

    5. I should probably stop talking now and get to sleep.

    For those who haven't been able to tell, 2 days ago was my birthday! (July 30th)

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  • stihl 1.8.2020
    Happy birthday :)
  • richard_burkhart 1.8.2020
    Happy late birthday.
  • MadameCercle 1.8.2020
    (de toute façon, quand on fête son anniversaire, cela prouve qu'on a déjà moins de temps)

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    “ Joyeux anniversaire ! "
  • MadameCercle 1.8.2020
    Cette image me semble tout à fait réussie. Pas besoin de vous laisser du temps.
  • Alexpcoffey 1.8.2020
    Compared to most of my content, this doesn't look that great. But give me some slack. Anyway, I need to sleep soon. Goodnight.

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