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The Lone Ranger rides Again!

MrTerrorKiller on 1. Aug, 2020 — Lang: English

The Lone Ranger rides Again!
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    Heigh Ho Silver!


    Guest staring Zeek as the wait....General!

    Yeah! Thats the ticket!

    Tonto my Indian companion, I want you to meet colone...I mean General Zeek!

    How Tonto! Me Bringum free re-purposed blankets for your people!

    What re-purposed?

    It means not take...

    Oh come my friends, these are the finest cotton blankets my people make!

    So why free?

    The previouse owners no longer need them...

    You are NOT giving those blankets to my people Zeek!

    Come on Randle stick with the script!

    You're not even a real native American!

    You keep blankets!

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