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Intelligent Reports

Horatius on 30. Jun, 2020 — Lang: English

Intelligent Reports
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    We've uncovered some important information, but it's critical that the President must never find out about it. How can we ensure that?

    We in the Deep State have found one absolutely certain way to make sure the President never learns what's really going on.

    Really? How do you do that?

    We write it all down in a giant book, and then tell him to read it. It's never failed!

    This had better work.....

    Relax, trust me.

    Oh, Mr. President, Sir! I'm here with your Presidential Daily Briefing! I've got a big book for you to read!

    Damnit, how many times do I have to tell you nerds....

    ...the only thing I care about is daily DE-breifings!

    Told you.

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  • NeoChomik 2.7.2020
    too true to be not true
  • Horatius 1.7.2020
    I'm back. Couldn't figure out how to parody Trump, but now, I need to.
  • MadameCercle 30.6.2020
    Arrgh - - - le Retour d'Horatius ! Bravo !
  • MadameCercle 30.6.2020
    Ça existe des présidents comme ça ?

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