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A Crazy Idea

Alexpcoffey on 30. Jun, 2020 — Lang: English

A Crazy Idea
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    This may be a bad idea and may be struck down, but this is my idea to preserve the history of StripGenerator.



    We must forever archive the history of

    for future generations and for nostalgia before this website dies for good.

    Here's how to help.

    Step 1. Go to
    Step 2. Under Save Page Now, type in "" and click Save Page.
    Step 3. Click Save Page again.

    If it says "Job failed", try again.
    If it won't let you because someone already saved it less than 10 minutes ago, wait.
    Alternatively, and you should proably do this either way,
    Copy their URLs, put them in, and archive them!
    This includes your own page (and their subsections) and others!

    Every URL you can think of belonging to StripGenerator, archive it!
    Don't just give up right after this strip, keep going until this website dies.

    We must preserve our history.

    Generation Refilla
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  • MadameCercle 30.6.2020
    Même les pyramides, on va avoir du mal à les conserver ... mais, bon, pour Stripgenerator, ça vaut le coup d'essayer.
  • Alexpcoffey 30.6.2020
    im going to bed

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