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The Anonymous Way

Alexpcoffey on 30. Jun, 2020 — Lang: English

The Anonymous Way
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    This isn't meant to hate on anonymous people, but I've seen these kinds of strips a lot where it (could easily be used as/flat out is) a homework assignment. If we can't use it for making strips, I suppose we can use this for homework assignments. The only thing I find odd is that it's Late-June and I still see it. Though, my last day of school is June 30th (tomorrow as of right now, though it'll be today in a few minutes!) so I guess it's not THAT odd.

    1. This website has been up for a long time, since 2006/07 if we are to believe It's entirely possible some kid found StripGenerator long ago when it was still functional, lost their account post-2017 (when password reset/sign-up function failed), and still refuses to use something else due to their experience with StripGenerator. Granted, those kids would either use something better once they get older, but some still do. Besides..
    2. Some kids from more recent times (post-2017) might have found this website, their easy and simple interface, and decided to use strips on this website. They can't create an account since they came after 2017, but still use it anyway. Who wants to tell them this website will die in 6 months?
    3. I can sympathize with them since I've used StripGenerator in the past to create homework assignments. (no, really)

    Then there are the anonymous people who don't even try. (not-homework related) You know the ones. Should make a strip about all the various anonymous people some day. I've got to do it before December 31st. That's 6 months, so I still got time.



    Hmmm.. our teacher gave us an assignment.

    What should I use?

    rip book

    Oh! I know!

    I'll use a dying website!

    Generation Refilla
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  • NeoChomik 2.7.2020
    If the tool fits your requirements, who cares it will fall apart in a few months, when it works decently NOW, when you need it
  • MadameCercle 30.6.2020
    * * *
  • stihl 30.6.2020
    dying :)
  • Alexpcoffey 30.6.2020
    i got Silver Artist because i had to post this strip **seven times**. Another example of the terrible condition we're in..

    also i made a mistake lol

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