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Best show ever

tiger_zahuel on 26. Mar, 2020 — Lang: No text

Best show ever
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  • BaalMoloch 26.3.2020
    Nice job
  • EdWilder 26.3.2020
    Terrific! Welcome back!
  • tiger_zahuel 26.3.2020
    Yes it seems.
    I saw some awesome piece of art that couldn t be done before

    Not sure i have really saw all the new things available

    But I feel like for me it will not change anything. I like to have the less tool possible to do strips. I ll stick to my love of black and white.
  • stihl 26.3.2020
    You came back after 11 years bro, a lot has changed
  • stihl 26.3.2020
    They look familliar
  • cirkuz 26.3.2020
    good character designs...

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