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Agent 7 Part 1

anonymous on 14. Feb, 2020 — Lang: English

Agent 7 Part 1
  • Transcript


    (1) good work on your project agent 7

    (2) thanks it was kind of easy

    (3) Great head Hughs is waiting for you

    (4) Great i'll head over there

    (1) im here

    double click to write...

    (2) Hi great to see you Agent 7. Head to berlin for your next mission

    (3) Copy that

    (1) well I'm am here at Berlin according to my tracker

    (1) Hey

    (2) hi

    (1) Got the lock off with a sword

    (1) ok im hacking the computer with my DSM

    (1) The DSM is done pick me up as i Disquse

    (1) Wheres the DSM

    (2) in the suitcase

    (3) alright lets head back to base great work Agent 7


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