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anonymous on 14. Feb, 2020 — Lang: English

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    Pauline is the new teacher of first grade group, she loves teaching, burt her students don't seem to enjoy classes

    Good morning my dear students, today we are going to transform our classroom into a learning environment

    Can anybody tell me how is our classroom?

    Our classroom is small, but have very good lighting

    Yeah! it also has a lot of empty libraries

    that's right. You have identified the physical dimension.
    Now, what do you want to do with that space?

    Let me guess, that our functional dimension?

    I'd like to fill our library with art supplies

    I will like to decorate the walls with our expositions and learnings

    that's right! Well, I love all those, how and when would you like to do that? Let's pass to the temporal dimension

    I think we can get in charge of the decoration. Like 15 minutes before finishing every class

    And about the library, every student can give some material from their home

    Guys, that's excelent! So...who are the ones that actually can transform the classroom into a learning environment?

    Pauline's Adventures: Can we all make our classroom?

    So, she has a very good idea...

    All of us, we're the protagonist and owners of our learning environment

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