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Zeek 195

richard_burkhart on 12. Feb, 2020 — Lang: English

Zeek 195
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    This strip is a reply to Zeek 194



    I'm sorry I can't tell you more Zeek. Eugene left before the battle for SG city.

    That's alright Brad. You're here now. That's what matters.

    You give me too much credit. If you couldn't beat the Dark Lord, what am I supposed to do?

    Just do what you always do Brad. I've never known you to do anything but the right thing.

    Well, your x-wing here it is, Zeek. Good bye for now I guess this is.

    Just hold on to the ring Brad. This all depends on you.

    You and the ring MUST make it to the last battle!

    As soon as Brad got the ring he fell into a deep sleep.

    Fortunatly, Gort is not a talkative orc and it goes unnoticed most of the day.

    Finally Brad wakes up.

    I saw Zeek, Eugene. Thank you.

    He was kind of vague about what we should be doing, but he says that I should bring the ring to the last battle.

    I'm not sure how that will help. He couldn't beat the Dark...Hey why is Gort stopping and hiding?

    Shhh! Look up!








    And, once again, our heros are reminded that, even with a "guide" this is a dangerous journey.

    Star Wars, PenAlias, Zeek, LOTR
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