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Zeek 192

richard_burkhart on 31. Jan, 2020 — Lang: English

Zeek 192
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    Got a lot of people's toons involved now. This was another strip where my library disappeared before I was done =(

    P.S. I couldn't resist using Neo and Rude in the thumbnail.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 191



    How did you know we needed a ride, Doctor?

    One of Penny's friends from the future told me I was supposed to give her a ride.

    I don't even understand how she is alive. She died saving us on the Enterprise!

    It's a storyline thing. Keep her safe though. She is very important to this story.

    Thank you for the ride and the Jelly Babies, Doctor Huh.

    Alright, go save your friend then. And keep that chicken safe!

    Kenny's Uber Tardis Thingy

    Do you think they will succeed?

    It would take a miracle, Penny.

    Alright, whelps. We will meet you with our army in Mordor in two week's time. Bring whomever you can find.

    I'll go to the elves.

    And I'll bring a Klingon army!

    And we''l meet you there with our nija army my friends.

    Angus had to go, but he said he'll bring the chicken army.

    Meanwhile, Eugene and Penny climb towards an orc fortress.


    What's that, Penny?

    We said we must save the master of the precious!

    And they travel on...


    PenAlias, NeoChomik, Star Trek, LOTR, Zeek, mark_burkhart
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