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After hours at the Prancing Pony

richard_burkhart on 23. Jan, 2020 — Lang: English

After hours at the Prancing Pony
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    I had so much fun doing this one before, I thought I'd get another one in.

    This strip is a reply to After hours at the Prancing Pony



    A Klingon battle cruiser patrols the edges of the neutral zone.

    Helm set course through the neutral zone!

    Weapons, be on the lookout for any federation scum!

    But, as they cross into the neutral zone, a Federation cruiser appears on their tail!

    They are locking weapons on us captain!

    The captain gives the only reply his terrified brain can form.

    What are your oders captain? It is a good day to die!

    Her captain alert and in search of glory.

    They try to evade, but to no avail.


    *translated from Klingon

    So I woke up, found I'd shit myself again,and here I am! Might as well get a drink, right?

    Qu'vatlh! You stink!

    Zoltar, Star Track, Prancing Pony
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