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You Are Still Here?

calm on 14. Jan, 2020 — Lang: No text

You Are Still Here?
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  • abrotons 19.1.2020
    I am, by the way
  • abrotons 19.1.2020
    hohoho faved
  • NeoChomik 17.1.2020
    every now and then
  • Fabiolars 16.1.2020
    Cute. Hi!
  • MJardin 16.1.2020
    Hi Calm.
    Hope things are going well.
  • Drachir 15.1.2020
    Mercury dances in its skyscraper cell, rising and falling like rhapsody
    And I see winter's broken like lace, in time for a celebration
    Thaw wails inside the walls and laughs in the corners, delighting in its evident victory
    Till I feel springtime counting its days of flaunting a novel sensation
    Like it's leaving, leaving behind the weight vying for yesteryear
    Leaving promises in its wake, whispering, my love, you're still here
  • MadameCercle 14.1.2020
    Trop mignon !
  • EdWilder 14.1.2020
    Missed you! Faved!
  • richard_burkhart 14.1.2020
  • cirkuz 14.1.2020
    good to see you again calm..
    hope things are going well 4 u...
  • Pen_alias 14.1.2020
    Yes - but don't spread it around.

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