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What is... and what could be

NeoChomik on 1. Jan, 2020 — Lang: Polski

What is... and what could be
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    Also my letter to the SG Community I guess



    What an ending. of a year, of a decade and soon. of a certain era... an era of Stripgenerator. Many of you made amazing strips, pushing the boundaries of an old engine. SG Was with me for over 15 years of my life. I saw Spigaw being the first one to make ongoing (at the time) series, when library was not even an idea to be made. I saw Streetin forming an SG Games, an event of it's own involving entire SG community (SG Game Unlimited was a love letter to those old times). And of course, I saw many great artists using the site's engine in a way no one could concive at the time, like Ambrosius77.

    People left and came, legends of old replaced by new ones (Feel free to say whom you'd call a SG Legend and why). But the community was blooming. And we continued to make new strips, letting out our creativity. But Sadly the swarm of new users didn't brought enough paying customers, which resulted in Developers forced to abandon the project, unable to support the site anymore. But in spite of that, the community still thrived. New strips were still being made. And still are!

    We all know, Flash will stop being supported later in 2020. Which means permament death of Stripgenerator... Even though i hope we will find a way to still use Flash-related media in one way or another (where's demand, there might be supply), we are ready to say our goodbyes.

    Untill that time comes, keep on making strips.


    NeoChomik, Rudevald, Angelus
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