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Many, Many Merry-s To All!

Pen_alias on 25. Dec, 2019 — Lang: English

Many, Many Merry-s To All!
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    Merry Christmas everybody, and if I don’t get to say it next year, merry next Christmas too - and all Christmases thereafter. God Bless us everyone!

    And speaking of Dickens, might there be anyone who picked up on the David Copperfield reference? No, not the magician!



    Merry Christmas Santa!

    Merry Christmas Rudolf!

    Merry Christmas Frosty!

    My name’s Sam!

    Merry Christmas Charlie in the box!

    I am a lone, lorn creature, and everything goes contrary with me!

    Merry Christmas killdeer!

    Merry Christmas venison!


    Christmas, killdeer, nothing of importance
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